Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The design style that has become very popular in the
last few years is a very neutral pallet.  White, beige,
flax, grey, black, a very easy base to design with
and live with.  This is the way we dress as well.  It is a good base to build from, start with good classic pieces than you can add accessories to fit the season or our mood.  We see it in everything that Aidan Gray does and Pom Pom at Home surely has gone in this direction.  It gives a wonderful background to add color with no worry of being
over powering if done in moderation.
So how and where do we add color?
We can add color with textiles.  In the bathroom and
kitchen we can put color in our towels, we can put a
throw over a sofa or chair to add a splash of color.
I use a fouta from Scents and Feel
on my sofa for my dog. It is practical as well as Their spring introductions are bright, attractive, and there is no need to rush to remove it when I have company. Some of these patterns are done in larger sizes that can be used as table cloths and bedcovers.
fresh and happy with a large assortment of color.

chartreuse, anis green, veronese green

orange, turquoise

navy, aqua, azur

lavender, purple.
These colors are perfect to decorate beach or
contemporary houses, they can be worn as wraps, and
make a nice addition to casual wardrobes to be
worn anywhere and time this spring and summer.

The pastels speak for themselves, deliciously soft
and very much in fashion for spring.
The pastels are perfect to give as gifts for baby
showers and to decorate chidren rooms.

Than we have the neutrals which are classic and
popular for their versatility. They are universal, they have
 no gender and can be used in all rooms in the house,
indoors, outdoors as well as at the beach.

The black, white and reds can be used in a
contemporary or traditional setting.
Completely unisex, they are perfect for gifts.
Contact me if you want any additional
information on this great line.

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