Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I thought you might like to see some of the other
pictures I took in Atlanta.
had some really great chandeliers, which they have
become known for.

This is a twelve arm wire chandelier and it has
a matching candelabra.

Both of these are silver aluminum, contemporary
but could also be transitional.  I love mixing
contemporary with some vintage, or shabby chic, or
very traditional.

Woven wire barrel shaped gold finish pendant
lamp, more casual and fun.

I really liked the way POM POM AT HOME
displayed their baby items

Here is shown a simple way to display crib blankets, which
also would be good for throws, pillow shams, scarfs,
 tablecloths and many other textiles.  It is just a wood
frame and dowls.

Here some pillows are added in front and totes
hung on the side with a little fancier rack,
but it shows a lot in a small space.

A crib is a good investment if you want to show
 baby bedding effectively and you can show a lot
of merchandise inside the crib and hung over
the crib.

Here is a very simple wood painted crib that is
available through POM POM AT HOME
for display only, not for resale.
Contact me if you want more information

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