Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The design style that has become very popular in the
last few years is a very neutral pallet.  White, beige,
flax, grey, black, a very easy base to design with
and live with.  This is the way we dress as well.  It is a good base to build from, start with good classic pieces than you can add accessories to fit the season or our mood.  We see it in everything that Aidan Gray does and Pom Pom at Home surely has gone in this direction.  It gives a wonderful background to add color with no worry of being
over powering if done in moderation.
So how and where do we add color?
We can add color with textiles.  In the bathroom and
kitchen we can put color in our towels, we can put a
throw over a sofa or chair to add a splash of color.
I use a fouta from Scents and Feel
on my sofa for my dog. It is practical as well as Their spring introductions are bright, attractive, and there is no need to rush to remove it when I have company. Some of these patterns are done in larger sizes that can be used as table cloths and bedcovers.
fresh and happy with a large assortment of color.

chartreuse, anis green, veronese green

orange, turquoise

navy, aqua, azur

lavender, purple.
These colors are perfect to decorate beach or
contemporary houses, they can be worn as wraps, and
make a nice addition to casual wardrobes to be
worn anywhere and time this spring and summer.

The pastels speak for themselves, deliciously soft
and very much in fashion for spring.
The pastels are perfect to give as gifts for baby
showers and to decorate chidren rooms.

Than we have the neutrals which are classic and
popular for their versatility. They are universal, they have
 no gender and can be used in all rooms in the house,
indoors, outdoors as well as at the beach.

The black, white and reds can be used in a
contemporary or traditional setting.
Completely unisex, they are perfect for gifts.
Contact me if you want any additional
information on this great line.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I thought you might like to see some of the other
pictures I took in Atlanta.
had some really great chandeliers, which they have
become known for.

This is a twelve arm wire chandelier and it has
a matching candelabra.

Both of these are silver aluminum, contemporary
but could also be transitional.  I love mixing
contemporary with some vintage, or shabby chic, or
very traditional.

Woven wire barrel shaped gold finish pendant
lamp, more casual and fun.

I really liked the way POM POM AT HOME
displayed their baby items

Here is shown a simple way to display crib blankets, which
also would be good for throws, pillow shams, scarfs,
 tablecloths and many other textiles.  It is just a wood
frame and dowls.

Here some pillows are added in front and totes
hung on the side with a little fancier rack,
but it shows a lot in a small space.

A crib is a good investment if you want to show
 baby bedding effectively and you can show a lot
of merchandise inside the crib and hung over
the crib.

Here is a very simple wood painted crib that is
available through POM POM AT HOME
for display only, not for resale.
Contact me if you want more information

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A little over a month ago I really didn't know what
a blog was or didn't really care.  Today I see
it entirely different.  This business has changed so
much in the last few years, both retail and wholesale.
People are busier than ever, and working harder for less.
Store owners have less time to see reps and retail  customers have less time to shop.
The internet is making an inroad everywhere and in
every industry because you can see and do so much without leaving your house.  I have gotten very positive feed back
on my blog in just a very short time and it has been worth while in many different ways.   
It is much easier and cheaper to start up and do than
a web site. The blog post I use is 
It does not cost anything to do a blog.
Once you get your format down and get use
to the different things you can do, it doesn't take a lot
of time, plus it can be fun.  I suggest getting someone
to help you to begin with, it cuts down on the frustration
level right away.  Once I decided this is what I wanted to do,
and I owe my inspiration to my customer Brooke, who does
the fabulous blog VELVET AND LINEN

I called a friend of mine who's husband did her web site
for her store and asked if I could hire him.  He was
more than willing since he had thought he might like
to do this on the side.  He was GREAT, knew what I was
about and knows the buisness that I am in so I didn't
have to explain alot, which made it much easier for
both of us.  If any of you want some help to get started
I can get you in touch with him.
  I can't tell you how
many times a customer of mine has said  "well,
I am waiting for my SON to do my web site."  
 Sorry to break it to you
but it's not going to happen any time soon.
With a blog you can take pictures of an item (yes it is
important to have a digital cameral)
in your store, like this beautiful silk scarf from


This makes it personal and your right there in
their house where they are comfortable and
looking to be inspired to buy.  I love this scarf!!
You can show display ideas.

Most of your customers are looking for help in
that area.
Like putting these trays on the wall.

Or how to fluff a bed.

There is an endless amount of things you can incorporate on  your blog.  It is a must to start
getting a email mailing list, so that once you are
up and going you can eblast everyone with a link to
 your blog.  One thing you could do
to encourage people to give you their email address
is to tell them you are having an on the blog
contest give away.  Nothing wrong with a little

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today I went around to all of my vendors and tried
to take as many pictures as possible.

Starting with AIDAN GRAY

this sofa comes in three variations but this is my
faborite, the new pillows look great on this sofa.

this is one of those items that lends itself to
creativity.  I could see it as a display piece for the
store, but for retail, photos would be a natural.
You could also have visitors write notes or draw
a picture when they come and visit.  It comes
with rusted paper clips.

Lamps, lamps and more lamps. 
AIDAN GRAY  has a great selection of lamps, this
is new and shows that they are stepping outside
the box with style.

showed some interesting display ideas.

These walls were created with chalk board paint
tinted grey.  I know that wall space is a premium
in most stores, but if you have any space I
thought this could be a fun way to high light
and create themes.


SUGARBOO DESIGNS has a wonderfull new
item that I really love. It is a leather phone album

about 18 inches square.  The leather is distressed to
look a little worn.  In the middle is engraved
inside are 50 pages for photos

under every space for a picture is a different
quotation.  What a great wedding present, anniversary,
could you inagine giving it for a 50th annivertsary or buy it
for yourself.  I think this is a really beautiful gift, special.

POM POM AT HOME has expanded on their
orgainic collection they introduced last July.
They have combined the white and flax in one

It is available in a queen and king duvet, bolster and
euro sham. This way you can cordinate the solids white
and flax in all sorts of different  combinations.
The also have a fun pair of shams with PEACE and
Contact me for information on all the other new items.


This has been a very good show in so many ways.

There is a lot of energy from both the vendors
and the customers. There is a positive feeling in
the air that I wasn't expecting, hope that doesn't
sound to Pollyana, but I like to think the glass
is half full!

I went to BARREVELD to show you some of my
favorite things.

These very rusted lanterns in three sizes look great.

I can see three of these doors panels hung side by side
 as a head board.

What a great addition to a garden or on a porch.  On
it's own or combined with a wood or iron
table.  I don't think has to have a
matching table.

I think this chair has lots of posibilites.  The plaid is
not too bold and would be wonderful in a den, a library or
or a man's office.  The fabric would blend with
many different textures and fabulous with leather.

Friday, January 8, 2010


There was snow and ice on the ground when I left the
hotel this morning.  I actually enjoyed it, especially since
I didn't have to do any driving, just walk across the
street. It would have been better if I had worn my boots
instead of the little flats that I had on, but they went
better with my outfit. 
I have been so pleased with the energy of this show,
most all of the showrooms are busy and have
positive things to say.  The customers are in a good
mood and seem to be happy to be here.

 looked fabulous.  Lots of new

colors in the hand towels and fouta's.
Light orange,  bright yellow, beautiful light blue, aqua which

is the color of the water in Patagonia.

Spring is in the air. Who would have thought the color straw could be so gorgeous.
The booth was over flowing with color.
One of my favorite things are their
100% SILK hand woven scarf/shaw

28 x 72 in size in the most fabulous color combinations.
This is something I will be wearing
alot.  I love scarfs anyway but these
are very special.  They are beautiful
on both sides, bright on one and mute on the other.  Since by wardrobe palete is mainly black and grey they will go with everything I have.
I really think it's important to carry some ladies accessories in the store.
Jewelry is a hugh category and I think something like
this fits into that same nitch.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is show time and I arrived today for the Atlanta show.  I have to
say, I really like this show.  For someone from out of town it is so easy once you get here.  You pick up your bags, go around the corner and get on MARTA, the high speed train, and the stops are so convenient to the hotels, which surround the Americas Mart.
My flight arrived at 3:00, I checked into my hotel and walked into the building at 4:20.  I don't think there is any other show you could do that.  Plus,  as a buyer you can see EVERYTHING from your vendors, they send it all to this show. 

Today I just wanted to get an over view before I start my appointment tomorrow    First Stop AIDAN GRAY  Everything looked great, I had a preview the first of December, but seeing it in person is sometimes
a different story, and I couldn't be more plesed.  You hope things look as good or better in person and they do.

I love this new leather chair and the pillows are great, a perfect addition and very well priced.

Contact me if you don't get the new catalog, which should arrive by the first of the week.

Next stop BARREVELD/DK LIVING  they moved so they could combine both showrooms which is a nice change.  Even though the lines are so different there are things from each that can cross over for the transitional and contemporary customer.

This line never stops to surprise in every category.

I really like the new collection for EASTER, the colors
are great, very bright and apealing. The chocolate rabbits
look very real and I wanted to take a bite.
Let me know if you didn't get a catalog.