Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This has been a very good show in so many ways.

There is a lot of energy from both the vendors
and the customers. There is a positive feeling in
the air that I wasn't expecting, hope that doesn't
sound to Pollyana, but I like to think the glass
is half full!

I went to BARREVELD to show you some of my
favorite things.

These very rusted lanterns in three sizes look great.

I can see three of these doors panels hung side by side
 as a head board.

What a great addition to a garden or on a porch.  On
it's own or combined with a wood or iron
table.  I don't think has to have a
matching table.

I think this chair has lots of posibilites.  The plaid is
not too bold and would be wonderful in a den, a library or
or a man's office.  The fabric would blend with
many different textures and fabulous with leather.

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