Sunday, January 17, 2010


A little over a month ago I really didn't know what
a blog was or didn't really care.  Today I see
it entirely different.  This business has changed so
much in the last few years, both retail and wholesale.
People are busier than ever, and working harder for less.
Store owners have less time to see reps and retail  customers have less time to shop.
The internet is making an inroad everywhere and in
every industry because you can see and do so much without leaving your house.  I have gotten very positive feed back
on my blog in just a very short time and it has been worth while in many different ways.   
It is much easier and cheaper to start up and do than
a web site. The blog post I use is 
It does not cost anything to do a blog.
Once you get your format down and get use
to the different things you can do, it doesn't take a lot
of time, plus it can be fun.  I suggest getting someone
to help you to begin with, it cuts down on the frustration
level right away.  Once I decided this is what I wanted to do,
and I owe my inspiration to my customer Brooke, who does
the fabulous blog VELVET AND LINEN

I called a friend of mine who's husband did her web site
for her store and asked if I could hire him.  He was
more than willing since he had thought he might like
to do this on the side.  He was GREAT, knew what I was
about and knows the buisness that I am in so I didn't
have to explain alot, which made it much easier for
both of us.  If any of you want some help to get started
I can get you in touch with him.
  I can't tell you how
many times a customer of mine has said  "well,
I am waiting for my SON to do my web site."  
 Sorry to break it to you
but it's not going to happen any time soon.
With a blog you can take pictures of an item (yes it is
important to have a digital cameral)
in your store, like this beautiful silk scarf from


This makes it personal and your right there in
their house where they are comfortable and
looking to be inspired to buy.  I love this scarf!!
You can show display ideas.

Most of your customers are looking for help in
that area.
Like putting these trays on the wall.

Or how to fluff a bed.

There is an endless amount of things you can incorporate on  your blog.  It is a must to start
getting a email mailing list, so that once you are
up and going you can eblast everyone with a link to
 your blog.  One thing you could do
to encourage people to give you their email address
is to tell them you are having an on the blog
contest give away.  Nothing wrong with a little

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  1. Sally, you are so right! I can't tell you how much joy I get out of my blog. It's a great place to connect with my customers, and a great place for them to let me know what they want, look for, etc. Lidy