Thursday, September 20, 2012


I think it is safe to say that everyone
who reads this blogs likes stores
and enjoy especially looking at the displays.
We were in Parma on a Sunday and
the stores were all closed, which
maybe wasn't a bad think.  This is a very
nice place and generally thought to
have one of the highest standards
of living in Italy so I was looking
forward to doing some window shopping.

There are the cutest baby/childrens
clothing shops in Italy.

Very unusal light fixtures, buy fun.

My favorite.  She is guarding the store.

Monday, September 17, 2012


When coming to Milan our journey
always starts or ends in Milan.  This trip
it was going to be a short couple of days,
but we had planned a couple fun things
that we had not done before.  Unfortunately
I can't show them to you.  I some how
lost all of my first day pictures.
Not wanting to leave here without
any I got up our last morning very
early and ran around taking some
quick shots of Milan.  But first
you need the coffee.

I don't think this truck had 2 inches on
either side.  Space is at a premium.

Not a lot to show of a otherwise
good picture taking day but we
have the memories.  I didn't
lose the most important pictures
of our last evening with our
friends Gabriella and Rino.
They are the reason we keep
returning to Milano.