Friday, January 8, 2010


There was snow and ice on the ground when I left the
hotel this morning.  I actually enjoyed it, especially since
I didn't have to do any driving, just walk across the
street. It would have been better if I had worn my boots
instead of the little flats that I had on, but they went
better with my outfit. 
I have been so pleased with the energy of this show,
most all of the showrooms are busy and have
positive things to say.  The customers are in a good
mood and seem to be happy to be here.

 looked fabulous.  Lots of new

colors in the hand towels and fouta's.
Light orange,  bright yellow, beautiful light blue, aqua which

is the color of the water in Patagonia.

Spring is in the air. Who would have thought the color straw could be so gorgeous.
The booth was over flowing with color.
One of my favorite things are their
100% SILK hand woven scarf/shaw

28 x 72 in size in the most fabulous color combinations.
This is something I will be wearing
alot.  I love scarfs anyway but these
are very special.  They are beautiful
on both sides, bright on one and mute on the other.  Since by wardrobe palete is mainly black and grey they will go with everything I have.
I really think it's important to carry some ladies accessories in the store.
Jewelry is a hugh category and I think something like
this fits into that same nitch.

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