Sunday, July 29, 2012


While at the Dallas Gift Show last month,
I had the pleasure of visiting the charming
historic town square in McKinney, Texas.
Charming as it is the main reason I wanted
to come was to see GRAY LIVING Randal Weeks
 the owner of AIDAN GRAY HOME  opened
this store, and I was very excited
to finally get to see it.
This is not only a place to display the
products of AIDAN GRAY, it is a
lifestyle store and boutique specializing
in a European rustic chic collection of
new and vintage home furnishings and
accessories for the entire house.

Besides the great merchandise and the
creative displays the building itself
makes for a great setting.  Two floors.
brick walls and wood floors are
a great backdrop.

He carries all my favorite lines, along
with AIDAN GRAY, there is DASH & ALBERT 

Around the corner is PATINA GREEN
where the fabulous food came from
for the Aidan Gray lunches and
party for the new Dallas showroom.

This is a family run store that perfectly balances
home decor items, and yummy local bites.

The "home" side of the store is loaded with
furnishings from Europe as well as repurposed
pieces like cabinets made from found shutters.

The restaurant side has a smal
deli that features freshly-made dishes
with local ingredients put togeother
by market chef Robert.

They are also know for ladies
rest room that has some
wonderful old pieces to distract you.

This beautiful lady is Roberts wife's
mother Luann, and designer of the place Kaci,
was out taking care of all the events the
store gets involved in.  Kaci orginized the
events at Aidan Gray that turned out so well.

Visiting McKinney was a perfect diversion
from the trade show and I suggest a
visit if you find yourself in Dallas.

Gray Living
113 N. Kentucky Street

Patina Green Home and Market
116 N. Tennessee

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was in Atlanta for the Gift Show and
have come home with lots of great things to
show you. I was delighted to see the new pillows that SUGARBOO DESIGNS  add to an already
great assortment.  These veered away from
their black on neutral theme and
Rebecca has added a little color.

Some of these you will recognize from
the Art Prints that have been in the line.
Stacking Animals is one of my favorites.

The applique hearts has been updated,
now with white hearts on a linen
background opposed to the reverse.
I really like the simplicity of these new
black and white ones.

There are also a few new Art Prints.
This is Mae Mae, named after the
family dog.

If you look very close you will see that
the entire background of this bright
cheerful flower has xo over and over.

I can see this in a mostly white contemporary
room, I think it would be stunning.

How charming would this be hung
in a child's room.  Something they
could take with them to college and

A couple of seasons ago Rebecca
put her talent on some paper goods
and it was a run away hit.  Now we
have more fun things to write on.
These are all pads 6.5" x 10".

We have had this fabulous wood garland
with the heart at the end for a while

Now we have it with a cross

I hope this has brought some smiles.
and happiness written all over it.