Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is show time and I arrived today for the Atlanta show.  I have to
say, I really like this show.  For someone from out of town it is so easy once you get here.  You pick up your bags, go around the corner and get on MARTA, the high speed train, and the stops are so convenient to the hotels, which surround the Americas Mart.
My flight arrived at 3:00, I checked into my hotel and walked into the building at 4:20.  I don't think there is any other show you could do that.  Plus,  as a buyer you can see EVERYTHING from your vendors, they send it all to this show. 

Today I just wanted to get an over view before I start my appointment tomorrow    First Stop AIDAN GRAY  Everything looked great, I had a preview the first of December, but seeing it in person is sometimes
a different story, and I couldn't be more plesed.  You hope things look as good or better in person and they do.

I love this new leather chair and the pillows are great, a perfect addition and very well priced.

Contact me if you don't get the new catalog, which should arrive by the first of the week.

Next stop BARREVELD/DK LIVING  they moved so they could combine both showrooms which is a nice change.  Even though the lines are so different there are things from each that can cross over for the transitional and contemporary customer.

This line never stops to surprise in every category.

I really like the new collection for EASTER, the colors
are great, very bright and apealing. The chocolate rabbits
look very real and I wanted to take a bite.
Let me know if you didn't get a catalog.

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  1. ***** ...O...M...G, I MUST GET HERE to see, visit, look, learn & buy!!!!!

    While the "LOOK of DROOLING" is certainly NOT appealing to one's PERSONAL GRACE & STYLE", everything I've seen here IS GREALY APPEALING to me n' my desert home!!!

    Many, many thanks! Next time I am home vsiting family & friends in SO CAL,you can bet I'll "be", with eyes AND AE card all warmed up for sme FAB purcahses!!! YUMMY!!!

    Linda in AZ *