Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There are so many great lamp
introductions from  AIDAN GRAY HOME 
this season.  I am happy to be able to show them here.

The Camac Lamp with the rich golds peering
through layers of dark antique rub creating  this
 beautiful floral arrangement.

The Jessica Lamp is sleek and sophisticated,
featuring a distressed natural wood candlestick
on a crystal base.

The popular Lochlan Fragment comes
to life as a table lamp.  The beautiful
hand-carved fragment sits on
a iron base.

The Tate Lamps finish is like not other.
Full of layers upon layers of silver
leaf that have been distressed, stained
and aged to perfection.

Add a bit of French Quarter to any
room with this cast resin architectural
fragment Du Monde Lamp, in
an aged cement finish.

Resting on top a black metal base,
the Selma Lamp features flecks of
silver lead made to look 100 years old.

On the lower left side we have
the Fleurette Lamp with a floral
applique on a crystal base.
In the center is the the Peyton Lamp
featuring a fragment that embodies
intricate detailing with its hand carved nature.
On the right is the Adia Lamp with
 hand-carved gold leaf leaves atop a square base.
A better picture of the Adia Lamp.
The gold elegance of the Geraldine fragment
is now the beautiful Geraldine Lamp.
This petite Chloe lamp features a
hand-carved wood fragment atop a
double-stacked crystal base.
The Cardinal lamp is made of
cast iron and has an undertone of
blue under the layers of flaking rust.

The Olympus Lamp is sold as a set
with a left and right facing.  Gilded, carved
laurel leaves give these charming lamps
a sense of European sophistication
fit for nobility.

Under layers of creams and greys, you
will find flecks of beautiful bright blue
on this Bleu Fougere lamp.

The Clara Marie Lamp features a petite
joyful wood fragment reminiscent of
antique, carefully hand-carved millwork.

These next three lamps are part of the
Pink Campaign that I did a previous blog on.
They are meant to honor the many women
who have been taken from us due
to breast cancer. 
The Eternal Flame Lamp,what this petite lamp
lacks in size it makes up with beauty.

Attitude is Everything Lamp
Pillar of Strength Lamp

In weathered shades of grey this
diminutive Espinal Lamp features
a beautiful wood fragment reminiscent
of a fossil.

Corbel Lamp set is inspired from antique
corbels with a cracked white finish.

The Truss lamp set features two matching
architectural wood fragments that
are antiqued using greys and creams.
Visually massive in scale but elegant

This found architectural fragment
turned lamp, is proudly displayed atop
two blocks of crystal.  With layers of
chipped paint in hues of greys and
whites speckled with gold.  This
petite Natalie Lamp will accent
any corner of your room.

With its metal gold leaf backing, this
Blason Sconce will seem like your wall
is ablaze.
If you have any questions regarding these
lamps or other products from

Saturday, August 6, 2011


TOURANCE is all about soft, sumptuous,
luscious and lavish.  The line has three
different categories. Blankets, women's accessories and children's accessories. Everything comes in
a multitude of fabrics but what
they all have in common is that
soft heavenly touch and beautiful style. 
All of the blankets come double sided
and everything in this line is made in the USA.
are available in a regular throw size of
45" x 60", double size, queen and king size.
These larger sizes could also be used
as a gorgeous bed cover, or folded at the
end of the bed.
This is an example of the Rosette collection.
These come in either two tone like this

cream/pink as well as four other combinations
all of these patterns are available in a
baby blanket as well as 10 solid colors,
burgundy, ivory, black and charcoal
to name a few.

The Faux Fur Collection really looks
authentic.  It is made out of the finest
most luxurious fur fabric on both
sides which make it irresistible.
Perfect touch for a living room or cuddling
in your cozy bedroom.

Pillows are available in all of the
fabrics in two sizes which
helps complete the look.
When you are at a show and walking
around looking at all of the product
in the booths you can't help sometimes
to think about your own personal wants.
That was my initial introduction to
 SCENTS AND FEEL, I saw something
I wanted for myself.  That's
what happened here with TOURANCE.

I saw these irresistible scarves
that you just could not walk by
without wanting to touch and put one on.

They come in 12 different styles and
measure 7.5" wide by 90" long.

and I have to admit my most favorite
items is this adorable little jacket
done in the ivory sheep fabric.

When I got my samples I told my
husband I hope you like this because
you are going to see often this winter.

Phoug the owner and designer
of this company models one of the vest.

Rounding out the women's accessory
category are a full line of bathrobes.

As I mentioned at the start, all of the
fabrics come as baby blankets plus
many styles that are only for the baby.

Hooded towels are cute and stylish and
are generous in size to be used from
birth to 4 or 5 years old.

The bib and burp cloth sets are made
with designer cotton outside and lined
with white chenille for absorbent and
yet soft.  The prints selected are modern,
fun and vibrant.

And the finishing touch to any little ones
wardrobe we have the jacket with the
faux fur on both sides

I am very excited about this line as I
hope you will be.  I think there is
something for almost everyone.  It
brings richness at an affordable price.
Please contact me for more details.
Phoug will also be showing at the
New York show in Jacob Javitz Center
at booth #8041.  Tell her you saw it here.