Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sicily is very different from the main land of Italy.
It is very hilly and rocky.  We flew into Palarmo and
rented a car and headed south to the far eastern coast.
We stopped in Modica which is built on a hillside.

Every place you visit has a very impressive
Duomo, this one is San Giorgio

my favorite thing to do is walk the little streets

where the locals live and the tourist don't go

In every town there is a board announcing
who has resently died.

It is like the town newspaper.
This is going to be short, I am about to lose my internet.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Right in the heart of Rome, where History absolutely and magically matches with the new trends of young people from all over the world, there is since 1970 “Il Forno” (Bakery)

This is pizza biana without tomatoe sause the best
thing ever and I am not kidding.
It is thin and very crisp with different toppings.
One day we had it with potatoe and onion and the
next day with zucchini and rosemary.
People have it for a mid morning snake.  You start
to eat it before you get out of the store.

  Tradition has never surrendered to easy shortcuts and where a team of expert bakers every day work to produce for its customers the same bread, the same pizza and the same specialties which are successful and which delight the tastes of old and new visitors since more than 30 years by now.
People were standing in the pouring rain outside the store
eating there purchase, us included.

Across the Piazza is another long standing tradition
Salumenia Roscioli

considered the best specialty food shop in Rome.
The selection and variety is amazing, cheese, olives
and antipasto that I could make a meal out of.

Down from there is the place to buy cured meat,
ham, sausages, prosciutto and salame

I will have a hard time going back to our food
stores in Los Angeles. 
A quote from Henry James comes to mind
"At last, for the first time, I Live".


Our vacation this year has taken us back to Italy.
It is a country we just can't seem to get enough of.
I thought it would be fun to do some blogs
along the way.  My husband does not
think a place is worth visiting unless there is
good wine and where there is good wine there is
good food.  Italy has both of those plus who has
better design and style than the Italians.
With this in mine I hope to have some
good things to share.
We start this adventure in Rome, we were here
five years ago when we came to Italy to get
married, but more about that later.
One of our favorite neighborhoods in Rome
is Campo de Fiori.  In the main square there is
a open air market everyday that over shadows any
farmers market we have in Los Angeles.
 The tomatoe is prettier and tastes like a tomatoe.

The leeks

the cauliflower has a different look than were
use to
the zucchini flower is in season and abundant,
we had some stuffed with cheese and anchovies
dipped in a batter and fried.

The artichokes look so beautiful in a big basket
Mush to my delite they are very popular here,
we had them last night prepared my favorite way
deep fried.  They are better than french fries,
how come they can't do that in Los Angeles.

This raddichio was very unusal looking,
the other variety is great slowly grilled and
topped with pecorino cheese,

we had that last night, I had been looking for it on the
menu remembering it from our last trip to Rome
we also had this mixed grilled vegatables thay came
from the Campo de Fiori market in the morning

It was very special, the Italians know what to do
with vegatables, good quality done simply is the key.
Va Bene


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now is the time of year we start thinking about our
table and what we can do to make it special for
the holidays.  A good place to start is a tablecloth.
SCENTS AND FEEL added several to
their collection this fall.  One of my favorites is
this very light linen damask in white and beige.

For a more casual look this jacquard in
 white, green, brown or navy.

This collection has an ethnic feel with very soft colors.

Another fun accessory to the table are the
cheese stakes from the JUNKGIRLS
These are made from the handal of vintage flatware.
What a fun addition to a cheese tray

POM POM AT HOME  has the cutest ruffled tablecloth
of the season that works on a square or round table

Their linen collection has a nice selection
of place mats that look delicate but are easy to
care for.  This Belle design has a beautiful velvet
ribbon trim 

Gray is everywhere in fashion and design so why
not on the table.

For a more simple understated taste we have
Charlie with just a small ruffle as accent.

Everything taste better when presented well.
Setting a nice table is the first step.

Monday, November 15, 2010


It is no secret the holidays are coming.  No matter
if your ready or not they are around the corner.
I love fall but here in Southern California
we don't get to appreciate the wonderful fall
colors that people associate with the season.
I was in San Luis Obispo last week and
had the pleasure of seeing my friends Jan and

This is a great place to get a fall fix.

They do a wonderful job of combining holiday items
with decorative accessories.  Everywhere you
turn there are special things for gifts or for
your home.  SCENTS AND FEEL is in that

category of something you want for yourself but
makes a wonderful gift.  Good display is an art and
Jan is an artist.

A special treat when you visit is to meet Maddy.
I love stores that have a four legged greeter.

A little hint, she loves treats.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Everyone needs something for Me.  We all have
our special wants, and mine is soft yummy fabrics.
I don't want to put anything but natural soft texture
next to my body.  That starts in the morning when
 I get out of the shower.  I love my foutas from

The foutas are 100% handwoven cotton and every time you wash them they just get softer.  They have the size of a
bath sheet but not that heavy weight . Since I am not
a big person it has a very nice fit.  The color
palet is extensive but if your likes go to the neutral they
shine with their blacks and whites.

This herringbone design adds a little richness
to your bath.  I am taking one of these with me
on my trip to Italy, using it as a blanket on the plane.
I hate those airplane blankets and that is a long trip
and I want to be comfortable.
It will double as a wrap at night.

I think it is the simple pleasures that add so
much to our lifes and this is a good way to start.