Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am very happy to report that I am now the

exclusive sales agent

representing JunkGirls

Jenny Kompolt or Jenny K as most people

call her is the hunting and gathering half

of the JunkGirls as well as the artist and designer.

Melissa, her partner is the "queen of everything"

half that make things hum in the background.

Jenny has made quite a name for herself

doing antique shows throughout the West Coast,

and has many admirers who love her work.

She makes art, wall installations, lighting, and

furniture using found and recycled objects.

Since everything she does is with recycled objects

each piece is a one of a kind treasure.  Many

items can be reordered but each one will

be a little different.  In that category we have


hand crafted using wood "mashers"and various

found objects.  Each is unique and holds a quote

or message inside a cookie cutter.


Vintage restaurant silver and procelain hands,

 each holds a special object or sentiment.  Suitable for

hanging or display using an easel.


A very popular piece, the statue was created

using a found toy horse, a horseshoe, a spur

and a glass top typewriter key.

The quote reads "To ride a horse is to ride the sky"


These are created using vintage brass instruments

mouth pieces, band music lyres and other

vintage hardware.  Great way to hold a photo,

favorite quote, special note or place cards.


These are hand-crafted using vintage silver

and silver plate teaspoons varying in size.

The smallest are perfect for dog tags

Medium size could be worn as a necklace

or hung around a wine bottle

Christmas ornament or tie on for gift wrap

The large size is made from a tablespoon

or serving spoon and make a nice key ring

These are also available with the word or

words of your chose. The name of your

store or a special event, the ideas are limitless.

The handles of the spoons and other cutlery

are also used.  Great for plants

another suggestion for these is to use

for cheese boards and put the different types of cheese.

Lighting is another category

Vintage safety cage pendant lamps, you can

have the cage open or closed

or add a metal plate/hat to add additional interest

Fence wire pendant lamps are created

using spools of fencing wire and vintage hardware.

Since these are made "as found" materials,

each lamp is slightly different in size, shape and color

Here are some other examples of her work

Foundry mold table top on a heavy metal

machine base, right out of the industrial revolution.

Jenny loves to make tables and has a

great eye for the different and unique.

Vintage letterpress type table, using

hundreds of pieces of wood letterpress type from

the 30's-60's.  Much of the type was used to

print carnival posters and billboards and

was hand-carved by craftsmen of the day.

The type has been waxed to bring out the

beautiful colors from the various inks.

This is a valve knob table using valves, sprinkler

and faucet knobs welded together on a

cast iron or steel base.  Also good for

small end tables.

This is just a small sampling of what is available.

  Please contact me for more information on

any of the items shown, new items

or custom works with prices and pictures.

 Creativity takes courage.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



 a different and unique store on 3rd Street

 in Los Angeles. 

In the last few years 3rd Street has become a

fun shopping, eating and walking street  and

PLASTICA  has helped set the pace.

Before you walk in you are attracted to the

window displays, which are always playful and inviting.

This window was done when she first introduced

the very popular Rody riding horses

as dimenstrated here, but could also be fun

to add color in your yard as an accent

for your Luxembourg chairs from

FERMOBUSA ,  here shown in yummy summer colors.

(I did not intend to be in the background of these pictures)

Carla offers a mix of special one of a kind items

and practical functional everyday items

for every room of the house. 

Plastic has a large presence in the store

 but thats just part of what she offers. 

These beautiful woven baskets and

boxes from West Africa are a

tasteful addition to any room.

You are swept away with all the bright bold

colors everywhere you look

 SCENTS AND FEEL  offers guest towels,

bath towels and tablecloths in beautiful decorative colors

There is something for the student or the office

lots of purses and pouches to take with you

or to help organize your desk, or dresser.

Be sure to bring the kids, there are lots of things

to keep them busy while you shop

  birdfeeders that would add hours of

enjoyment to any patio

Great colors with good and unusual design is

what she strives to provide.

What a joyous thing is color!  How influenced
we all are by it, even if we are unconscious of
how our sense of restfulness has been brought about.
                                                 Elsie De Wolfe

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


                  It is so nice to see the products

 I represent in my customers stores,

but how about seeing

them in their home base, especially if

that is France.  I had just the opportunity with

my line FERMBOBUSA because of my

good friend and fellow rep Lucha Bott.

She won a trip to France from one of

the lines she represents and offered to

take some pictures for me, and boy did she

do a good job.  I also must thank her husband

Larry who was her assistant and look out

and spotted FERMOBUSA all over Paris.

This is the luxembourg chair in  willow green

in the Tuileries Gardens, and this man

makes it look very comfortable

Here is the same chair in a store window

the bistro chair in a multitude of colors what

looks like a very fun store 

I love the mixing of colors, we tend to be

a little safe here in he States and these

brights really are stunning together

The bistro table and chair outside of

a bistro, how appropriate.

Looks like someone is having a sale, things

are the same all over the world.

Thank you so much Lucha this was really fun,

I felt like I have just been on a trip to France.

In America if they do not do it right away
they do not do it at all in France they very
often seem not to be going to do it at all but
if it has ever really been proposed at all
sometimes it really is done.
                                                Gertrude Stein