Monday, October 21, 2013


The City of Arts and Science is an entertainment-based cultural and 
Architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. 
Undoubtedly one of the high lights of our trip.
The complex is made up five buildings.  Developed by the
world famous architect SANTIAGO CALATRAVA.
L'Oceanografic an open- air oceanographic park.  It is the
largest aquarium in Europe.  It was built in the shape of a water lily.
This was so fabulous and deserved more time than we had since we wanted to see 

L'Hemisteric an IMAX Cinema Planetarium and Laserium.  The
building is meant to resemble a giant eye.
El Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe is an interactive
Museum of science that resembles the skeleton of a whale.
We could have spent days here, what a wonderful place to
discover science.
The place is not without it 's controversy.
It has become a symbol of profligate spending, financial
mismanagement and waste, due to large cost overruns
and a large debt burden that the regioniIs struggling under.

But with that all being said we loved it and wish we could have spent 
more time there.  I recommend it highly.  Here is the link to their official

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am so pleased to have a new friend and customer
with Jenny of J. STERN in La Canada, California.

I worked with Jenny at the Atlanta show when she was
just getting started.  It is fun to see the process from
the beginning.  She was naturally nervous and unsure
but in this very short time she has become comfortable
and confident.

The store is small in size but large in content and inspiration.
Who ever said that Southern California doesn't have 
a fall season has not been here.
This wall is one of my favorite creative ideas for a long time.
Have you always loved all the great paper at the Paper Source and 
hated to see it ripped off a package and thrown away?
Well how about stapling it on an accent way to change 
the look from season to season?  To create to this drama is relatively
inexpensive and easy.  I love the orange up against the rich grey walls.
Just wait until you see what she has in mind for the Christmas wall.

In this room she used a more subdued paper
to create a classy look.

Some cleaver jewelry displays.
In the back of the store is a nice outdoor area for
garden things. Plus a fun shed to explore.

I think you will agree that Jenny's new store
is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
LA CANADA, CA. 91011

Friday, October 4, 2013


Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa,
Spain is one of the most admired works of 
contemporary architecture and we couldn't wait to get there.
When The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation selected 
Frank Gehry as the architect they encouraged him to
design something daring and innovative.

The curves on the exterior of the building were intended to
appear random.
The interior is designed around a large, light-filled atrium
with views of Bilboa's estuary and surrounding hills 
of the Basque Country.

The exhibitions change often and we saw some
very impressive collections.  I though was 
more taken by the art  sculptures that are on the outside.
The Puppy by Jeff Koons was spectacular, as a friend commented
"the best bouquet ever."  It measures 40 feet high.

My next favorite "Tulips" also by Jeff Koons.
High chromium stainless steel with transparent
Color coating.

Could not pass up this photo opportunity
with my favorite person.

Next is "Tall Tree & the Eye by the Bombay
artist Anish Kaspoor. She used stainless 
steel and carbon steel.

Maman is a sculpture by the artist Louise Bourgeois.
It is a spider measuring over 30feet high and over 33 feet wide
With a sac contains 26 marble eggs.
The title is the familiar French word for Mother.

The following day we took a river cruise and were regions.
able to get to see the other side of the museum that
faces the River Nervion.  The randomness of the curves 
are designed to catch the light. It was a gorgeous  
sunny day so it did that beautifully.

The museum is seamlessly integrated into the urban context,
In the old industrial heart of the city.

The museum has become a popular tourist attraction,
drawing visitors from across the globe and helped to 
generate an economical boom to the city and region.
This was another exceptional highlight on this trip to Spain.