Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 Display is such a big part
of the selling process and every customer
has their own interpretation.
My customer Lisa from EMPTY VASE
called to tell me she had just gotten
her order from AIDAN GRAY HOME
and asked me to come by.
She was especially happy with the
Giovanna Day Sofa that she thought looked
even better than the picture.  Now that's
what I like to hear.

It looks the same from both sides.
This chandelier is simple yet stunning
with rusted iron arms and burlap rope accents.

The Eva Pendant comes in three different
inside finishes.  The one on the left is
accented inside with distressed silver.

And for an added punch this one has
the bright orange inside.

This kitchen island has been around for a while
and Lisa moves it all over the store.
It has proved to be a good display investment.

All flat surfaces are great to double as
display pieces.  It is easier to justify bringing
in a large piece like this ottoman if you
can also use it for displaying other things.

Even this small storage cube works well
for that.

The ceramics from TRINITATE  make
a nice vessel for the beautiful orchids
they sell.


This table and chair set from FERMOBUSA
works as well in doors as outside.

The pink 1900's bench is so pretty against
the green foliage, and a good size for
small yards.

I think this is one of my favorites pictures
maybe because it's the unexpected.

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