Sunday, April 24, 2011


One of the things I enjoyed doing on our
trip last year to Italy was to take pictures
of the various people we met.
We met so many nice smiling people I wanted
to remember.  When I asked them if I
could take their picture they beamed.
You visit museums, see fabulous landscapes,
eat wonderful food and drink great wine,
but it's the people you meet that make for
a memorable trip.
How could you resist these three sisters
who came to work with their Mother
at the Campo de Fiori market in Rome.
The barrista's who
served my favorite cappuccino

These girls from the Dominican Republic
who are going to college in Rome were
fun to be with.

Window shopping in Rome I was drawn to
this contemporary furniture store and this
nice lady gave me a tour.

My favorite morning stop at the Campo de Fiori

In Sicily we were having a glass of wine
 in a little enoteca where we met this
very cute lady.  She had the best laugh I wish
I could have recorded it.  We didn't understand
what she said but we knew it was funny.

You get the feeling people enjoyed what they do

Giving a tour of a winery

Or selling candy

He made our lunch special

We even got smiles from the animals

Everywhere we went

And special friends

It's full of worth and goodness too,
with manly kindness blent,
It's worth a million dollars
and it doesn't cost a cent.
            Let us smile.

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