Wednesday, June 23, 2010



 a different and unique store on 3rd Street

 in Los Angeles. 

In the last few years 3rd Street has become a

fun shopping, eating and walking street  and

PLASTICA  has helped set the pace.

Before you walk in you are attracted to the

window displays, which are always playful and inviting.

This window was done when she first introduced

the very popular Rody riding horses

as dimenstrated here, but could also be fun

to add color in your yard as an accent

for your Luxembourg chairs from

FERMOBUSA ,  here shown in yummy summer colors.

(I did not intend to be in the background of these pictures)

Carla offers a mix of special one of a kind items

and practical functional everyday items

for every room of the house. 

Plastic has a large presence in the store

 but thats just part of what she offers. 

These beautiful woven baskets and

boxes from West Africa are a

tasteful addition to any room.

You are swept away with all the bright bold

colors everywhere you look

 SCENTS AND FEEL  offers guest towels,

bath towels and tablecloths in beautiful decorative colors

There is something for the student or the office

lots of purses and pouches to take with you

or to help organize your desk, or dresser.

Be sure to bring the kids, there are lots of things

to keep them busy while you shop

  birdfeeders that would add hours of

enjoyment to any patio

Great colors with good and unusual design is

what she strives to provide.

What a joyous thing is color!  How influenced
we all are by it, even if we are unconscious of
how our sense of restfulness has been brought about.
                                                 Elsie De Wolfe

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