Tuesday, June 15, 2010


                  It is so nice to see the products

 I represent in my customers stores,

but how about seeing

them in their home base, especially if

that is France.  I had just the opportunity with

my line FERMBOBUSA because of my

good friend and fellow rep Lucha Bott.

She won a trip to France from one of

the lines she represents and offered to

take some pictures for me, and boy did she

do a good job.  I also must thank her husband

Larry who was her assistant and look out

and spotted FERMOBUSA all over Paris.

This is the luxembourg chair in  willow green

in the Tuileries Gardens, and this man

makes it look very comfortable

Here is the same chair in a store window

the bistro chair in a multitude of colors what

looks like a very fun store 

I love the mixing of colors, we tend to be

a little safe here in he States and these

brights really are stunning together

The bistro table and chair outside of

a bistro, how appropriate.

Looks like someone is having a sale, things

are the same all over the world.

Thank you so much Lucha this was really fun,

I felt like I have just been on a trip to France.

In America if they do not do it right away
they do not do it at all in France they very
often seem not to be going to do it at all but
if it has ever really been proposed at all
sometimes it really is done.
                                                Gertrude Stein

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