Sunday, June 6, 2010


A well know designer

in Southern California and customer of mine

has asked me to represent her in

selling her new book

Roxannes 16 year old daughter Hannah joined her

in this project to create more than a book

about design.  She starts by tellings us about

her family history and how they

have been a inspiration in her design work.

Roxannes Grandfather,  was Alan Adler world-renowned

silversmith, who was proclaimed a "California

Treasure" by the Smitsonian Institue.
Her Great-Grandfather, Porter Blanchard,
founded the Arts and Crafts Society of

Southern California. 

A strong message in this book is that it does

not matter the amount of money you spend in

creating your private nest, but the small loving

touches that reflect your family.

She shares the lessons taugh to her by her

mother on making a house a home and the

importance of family tradition. 

Hannah gives her point of view through out the book

which help keep things very centered.

The photography is done by Mark Lohman,

a noted Southern California photograher

whose distinctive work appears in numerous

design and architectural publications.

VerandaCoastal LivingHouse Beautiful,

and many more. 

An added bonus when you buy this book is

that she is donating 100% of all proceeds to

Heart of Hope and other selected charities.

You can see more pictures from the book if you

go to

Contact me if you would like any information

regarding this book

If you have one smile in you,
give it to the people you love.
                      Maya Angelou

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