Tuesday, April 24, 2012


After a four year absence
I was very happy to get back to New York
for the Gift Show this last February.  I was going
for business but planned to squeeze in
some play time. I had my list of "must do's".
 I arrived late afternoon and hit the streets running.

I couldn't wait to get to EATALY
that I have heard so much about.  The goal
here is eat, shop, learn.  It is a supermarket
with restaurants offering quality in every category.

You can eat at one of their six restaurants
or choose some of the house
made delicacies to go. The choices
are endless.  The place is gorgeous, a
feast for the eye as well as the stomach.

My two favorite areas were the seafood counter

and the bakery where they had the most
amazing choices of breads, paninis
and pizzas.  Next time thats what I will
be coming for.
It was a beautiful night and I just walked
not really having a plan or destination.
                   That's one of the great things about
New York no matter where you head
there is something fun to see.

Next day after spending several hours
at the Pier for the first day of the show
I decided I needed another dose of
New York flavor.  I convinced my
good friend and fellow rep Lucha Bott to
join me.  I had seen a great program
on the THE HIGH LINE on 10th Avenue
between 14th and 30th, where they
have taken the old train tracks and
turned it into a wonderful walking park.

Being another beautiful day the place
was packed with people.

Along the route they have build
great benches, added greenery
and made it a wonderful place to be.

Some interesting art sculptures along the way.
Your up off of the street so the
view of the city is really a treat.
A totally different perspective of
New York.

As well as the many benches of brick and wood
they have a large selection of
FERMOB the French outdoor
furniture line I represent.  So Lucha
and I took a little break.

When this project started the neighbors
weren't that keen about it being so close
to the apartment buildings that set
up against it.  Now it is a totally different
story.  Some great new places have sprung
up and the area around it has been
rejuvenated with some great retail
stores and restaurants.

Speaking of retail stores are next stop
was ABC HOME.  Everyone coming
for the Gift show has to check out
this store.  They do a great job
of display and they have lots to
look at.  First stop was bed and
bath.  We loved the showing
POM POM AT HOME  had a nice
representation of there baby collection.

They don't do anything in a smal way at
this store.

But they also pay attention to detail.

Right across the street is a really fun
store called FISH'S EDDY selling
dishes and glassware. Husband and wife
owners are celebrating their 25th year of selling a
mix of vintage finds with fresh new designs.
It is utilitarian meets fun which also
aims to liberate the consumer from
the tyranny of matchy-matchy.

To get addresses of these places just
click the name and it will take you
to their web sites.  I can't wait
for August when I get to go back
for more fun in New York.

I get out of the taxi and it's probably the
only city which in reality looks better than
on the postcards, New York.
                                          Milos Forman

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