Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For Christmas last year we decided to take
a road trip to Sedona, Arizona.  Often
called "red rock Country, spiritual and
metaphysical and some of the most
spectacular scenery in the World.  All
of these things sound inviting plus the fact
it is only a days drive away made it
seem like a nice adventure.  So John,
our dog Zoe and I headed for
our first Christmas away from home.
It was dusk when we arrived at
It was everything I hoped for, beautiful
surroundings, nice accommodations and
very dog friendly.
Our first morning Zoe and I went to explore.

I immediately was taken with the
landscape.  They have a very strict
building code.  You can only paint the
outside of your business or house
a color from nature.  There are also rules
governing lights in town, least they drown
out the stars and wonders of the night sky.
This is what keeps this place so special.
I also discovered I love cactus.

I was told before we went that we had
to take a PINK JEEP TOUR.  This is
a fabulous experience.  Scenic, off-road
high adventure at its best.

This was better than any Disney ride
I have been on, conducted by knowledgeable
well experienced guides.  Sometimes
you were hanging on for dear life going
up and down the hills.  Not for
the faint of heart.

They stopped a couple times for
some unbelievable photo moments.

This was going to be our Christmas card
but it just didn't happen.

We spent the rest of the day driving
around and admiring the architexture.

This one was a little over the top.  Owned
by the man who invented the first mechanical heart.

Thirty miles from Sedona is Flagstaff, we
left sunny but cool Sedona and what a
difference a few miles up the hill made.

We discovered that it was the journey
to Flagstaff that was nice but not much
there, so had a photo moment and
headed back to Sedona. 
We really loved this trip and recommend
it highly.  It really is a magical place.
As good as it is to go it is always nice to
be headed home.

God created the Grand Canyon but he
lives in Sedona.......old Indian saying

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