Friday, April 13, 2012


As a long time rep I have always loved
great store names especially when the
store is as good as the name.
ROOM AT THE BEACH  fits all the
criteria.  Great name and great store.
I have been taking pictures on my
last three visits so we will go from
Christmas to Spring, so don't be
surprised when you see a Christmas tree.
The classic California look is rooted in the ease
of a comfortable and low-key lifestyle. This
style of living forms the base of the stores
collections.  The color palette takes cues from
the natural beauty of the California coast.

The front of the store has a slide up door
that helps create that indoor outdoor
atmosphere that we love in So. Ca.

Owner Elizabeth Lamont is also an interior
designer who helps clients create the
perfect combination of classic, relaxed living.

She also finds time on her busy schedule to
be a guest blogger at
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of
spending the day with
Our first stop was to Malibu to see
Elizabeth and ROOM AT THE BEACH.

The last time I was in the store Spring
had arrived.  Entertaining is one of
Elizabeth's passions and she provides
everything to make it a memorable event.

Another category that plays an important
part in the store is ocean and beach.
Shells and especially coral are a very
 popular decorating accessory.

Live your life with the doors wide open.
                                 Elizabeth Lamomt

Room at the Beach
3835 Cross Creek Road  #23
Malibu, Ca. 90265
310 456 2099

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