Saturday, April 16, 2011


"I love to create a warm and welcoming environment
for my family and friends."  This is a quote from
Hilde of POM POM INTERIORS , you know
what a true statement this is when you go
into any of her three stores.
The store on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica
has a lived in elegant look that's relaxed
and casual.
From the moment you walk into the front door
you feel as though you have entered someones
cozy beach bungalow.

Hilde is also the owner and creator of
POM POM AT HOME the fine linen
line I represent.  Her goal is to create products
that fill you with delight and bring you that
little touch of luxury that makes life just a
bit more pleasurable. This is very apparent 
throughout the store.

Anna the manager of the store also
has a gift for display. Her attention
to detail always with a passion for beauty.

I really like the covered porch and outdoor
garden area.

Beautiful living is practical living.
                             Hilde Leiaghat

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  1. wow !!! beautiful store! I am madly in love with Sugarboo everythng!!!! Thank you for posting such lovliness
    p.s. you must know Kimberly Stanier as she sells Pom Pom at Contessa S. in SLO another most amazing store!

    I just LOVE Kimberly, too
    Happy Day