Sunday, April 10, 2011


While in Italy last year we had the pleasure of
staying at the charming country bed and breakfast
Ca' del Cardo  Here we were introdued to
"arte povera" (poor art) furniture.  This means
those pieces of furniture built single handed
by country craftsmen in the past two or
three centuries. Since  the countrymen were very
poor (so the origin of the name) the furniture
favored functionality and the needs of
the owner.
 Carlo and Donatella our 
hosts are lovers of this style and have
used it thoughout there home.
They custom designed these pieces
to best suit their needs.

This kind of furniture was spread all over
the Italian territory, found in the cellars and
lofts of the Tuscan and Umbrian country
houses and it defined a sheer style of
simple easy shapes.  50 years ago
this furniture was cheap and easy to find,
but the growing interest created a demand.
Now it is not easy to find authentic pieces,
but if found the cost are high.
Now expert craftsman in the northern part of Italy
have reproduced a selection of these classics.

Using reclaimed wood
these pieces are designed with function
and ease in mind just like the originals were.

This is one instance where the past
can be recalled.  If there is an interest
I would appreciate your comments.

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