Monday, December 6, 2010


In the North Eastern part of Italy there is a beautiful
place called Trieste, that bordets Slovania.  It is set
between the hills and the sea.  Since it is very north
it was cold and rainy but that did not detract from
the beautiful view we had from our room.

Like all towns in Italy there is a center square
or Piazza, and the one here is bigger than most
and has sort of an Austrian feel to it.

Being the first of December Christmas decorations
have started to appear.  All over Italy, small town or
large they do not decorate until now.

We decided we needed a snack and stopped
at a local little bakery that there is no equal in
Los Angeles, sorry La Brea Bakery.
We bread assortment made it hard to make
a decision, but we settled on this kalamatta olive
bread, that had no shortage of olives.  I was in heaven.

After that a little windod shopping was in order, loved
this womens accessory store.

This matching mesh wire purse and belt was
very elegant, not sure it would go with my skinny jeans

This was a combination design showroom retail
store that reminded me of some of my customers,
There was this hugh bed in the middle of the floor
that would sleep the entire family

The store had sort of a cabin look but not too rustic

These branches were hung from the ceiling with
just a little ribbon and very tiny ornaments

No walk is complete without seeing a cute little dog

We turned a corner and right in the middle
of everything you find these ruins to remind
you exactly where you are

and a day is not complete without a little gelatoe

We liked Trieste very much and would love to
come back on another trip.


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