Saturday, December 25, 2010


I love this word Eataly.  MARIO BATALI the famous
 NewYork chef opened EATALY, a food emporium
with the owner of the original one located in
Torino, Italy.  Both are suppose to be fabulous,
sorry to say I have not been to either.  I read about
it on the plane coming home from Italy and
I thought that describes our trip perfectly.
I thought I would show you some of the great
things we ate.  Breakfast is not a big production
in Europe, sweet roll, fruit or cheese and espresso

a converted convent in Urbino was the exception

Sorry to say we only stayed here one night, it
was a real treat.

The biggest frustration when it came to lunch
is when we were ready to eat, 1:00-3:00 places
were starting to close for there mid day break.
Everywhere we went except for Roma and
Milano business closed down from 1:00 to 4:00
with very few excepts.  We had a very
hard time getting into the swing of this.  So when
we found something open or was smart enough
to eat earlier we were thrilled.
In Noto, Sicily a women was just about to
close her door on a little enoteca (wine bar)
when we walked in a she kindly remained open.
This was the perfect peasant lunch, caponata
bruschetta, cheese and a bottle of wine.

Another variation on the peasant lunch, pizza

and a antipasto bar not to be equaled.

We had some company who were waiting
for something to fall off our plates

across the Piazza from where we were
having lunch this couple were taking some
 wedding pictures in a beautiful setting.

We went to Udine to visit a DOMITALIA a company
that manufactures chairs that John represents.
They took us to a local place for lunch
which was another high light of our trip
One of the walls in the dining room was covered
in all sizes and shapes of cutting boards
and the pendant lights are flour sifters

the other wall there were pots and pans
very simple and effective
We had an appetizer of speck (ham) and
fried zucchini flower

also frico, which is a parmesian cheese heated and formed
into a cup that held the creamiest most yummy

a very fancy carved pumpkin was on the counter

the resident dog did not want John to leave

On Thanksgiving we were in Sicily and we
were told of a great place that only served
fish and had no menu.  Sounded great to us.
First course was cod balls and crab cakes

second course was a fabulous plate of
 anchovies, langoustine, calamari, and sea urchin


 Misto del Paese, various local fish deep fried
grilled octopus and eel
If you like fish like we do this was a most
satisfying Thanksgiving dinner.

Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building (or a plate of food) after seeing Italy.

                                                        Fanny Burney

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