Thursday, December 9, 2010


We have had some great views from our rooms on
this trip, a rainbow, the beautiful sea, olive groves,
and here in Milano it is snow.

Milano, I use the Italian spelling because I think it
sounds so much better.  In fact all the cities sound better
in the Italian.  Roma instead of Rome, Napoli instead
of Naples.  Milano is very special for us for many
reasons.  It was our first introduction to Italy in
2001 where we saw our first Duomo.

It is a wonderful place to walk and explore the
great buildings

Pecks is somewhere we always visit

It is a food emporium unlike anything we had
experienced before.  Your greeted by this
chocolate sculpture in the windows as you enter.

This is entirely of chocolate

Everything here is the best, ingredients and
display.  They have the most beautiful
prepayed food, like this stuffed lobster

beautiful mussels

I think this customer had the biggest smile on
their face

After that you need to go back to the simpler side
of Milano

flower shop

roasted chestnuts

For the month of December they cover
all the street cars with lights.  It was
very magical standing on the street
and seeing one go by.

Just a few reasons I like MILANO.

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  1. so very beautiful!! Just popping by, I'm assuming you are there right now? I hope you are having the time of your life, xo Lidy