Thursday, December 16, 2010


We spent four days in Milano and 2 were designated to
window shopping and who better to be our guide than
our good friend Gabriella.  So we set out on a fairly
gloomy morning to see what we could discover.

Gabriella took us to a very nice area with a mix of
high end clothing stores, antique stores,
and great little cafes.  The gloom magically
disappeared and I knew this would be a fun day.
Loved this window, which had nothing to do
with the clothes inside but made you want
to go in.

The antique stores had such creative windows
with a mix of elegance and whimsy

I wanted to bring these chairs home knowing
that many of my customers would love them

This was a nice sight to see

These shoes looked like a piece of art

Italy is the master of contemporary

Much to my delight we found a darling store for
our four legged babies and loved the name

For the first 12 years that I was a sales rep, I
sold hand made silk flowers.  I was very
impressed with this store that sold
silk flowers made in Italy

These artificial pomegranates were so charming
with a pewter frog, turtle or butterfly. I bought one for Gabriella

She displayed it on glass shelf in her living room

Away from the designer store neighborhood we
found this window that I thought was a fun end
to a really wonderful day

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.
                                           Giuesppe Verdi

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