Monday, November 22, 2010


Our vacation this year has taken us back to Italy.
It is a country we just can't seem to get enough of.
I thought it would be fun to do some blogs
along the way.  My husband does not
think a place is worth visiting unless there is
good wine and where there is good wine there is
good food.  Italy has both of those plus who has
better design and style than the Italians.
With this in mine I hope to have some
good things to share.
We start this adventure in Rome, we were here
five years ago when we came to Italy to get
married, but more about that later.
One of our favorite neighborhoods in Rome
is Campo de Fiori.  In the main square there is
a open air market everyday that over shadows any
farmers market we have in Los Angeles.
 The tomatoe is prettier and tastes like a tomatoe.

The leeks

the cauliflower has a different look than were
use to
the zucchini flower is in season and abundant,
we had some stuffed with cheese and anchovies
dipped in a batter and fried.

The artichokes look so beautiful in a big basket
Mush to my delite they are very popular here,
we had them last night prepared my favorite way
deep fried.  They are better than french fries,
how come they can't do that in Los Angeles.

This raddichio was very unusal looking,
the other variety is great slowly grilled and
topped with pecorino cheese,

we had that last night, I had been looking for it on the
menu remembering it from our last trip to Rome
we also had this mixed grilled vegatables thay came
from the Campo de Fiori market in the morning

It was very special, the Italians know what to do
with vegatables, good quality done simply is the key.
Va Bene


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