Thursday, November 4, 2010


Everyone needs something for Me.  We all have
our special wants, and mine is soft yummy fabrics.
I don't want to put anything but natural soft texture
next to my body.  That starts in the morning when
 I get out of the shower.  I love my foutas from

The foutas are 100% handwoven cotton and every time you wash them they just get softer.  They have the size of a
bath sheet but not that heavy weight . Since I am not
a big person it has a very nice fit.  The color
palet is extensive but if your likes go to the neutral they
shine with their blacks and whites.

This herringbone design adds a little richness
to your bath.  I am taking one of these with me
on my trip to Italy, using it as a blanket on the plane.
I hate those airplane blankets and that is a long trip
and I want to be comfortable.
It will double as a wrap at night.

I think it is the simple pleasures that add so
much to our lifes and this is a good way to start.

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