Monday, November 22, 2010


Right in the heart of Rome, where History absolutely and magically matches with the new trends of young people from all over the world, there is since 1970 “Il Forno” (Bakery)

This is pizza biana without tomatoe sause the best
thing ever and I am not kidding.
It is thin and very crisp with different toppings.
One day we had it with potatoe and onion and the
next day with zucchini and rosemary.
People have it for a mid morning snake.  You start
to eat it before you get out of the store.

  Tradition has never surrendered to easy shortcuts and where a team of expert bakers every day work to produce for its customers the same bread, the same pizza and the same specialties which are successful and which delight the tastes of old and new visitors since more than 30 years by now.
People were standing in the pouring rain outside the store
eating there purchase, us included.

Across the Piazza is another long standing tradition
Salumenia Roscioli

considered the best specialty food shop in Rome.
The selection and variety is amazing, cheese, olives
and antipasto that I could make a meal out of.

Down from there is the place to buy cured meat,
ham, sausages, prosciutto and salame

I will have a hard time going back to our food
stores in Los Angeles. 
A quote from Henry James comes to mind
"At last, for the first time, I Live".

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