Monday, November 15, 2010


It is no secret the holidays are coming.  No matter
if your ready or not they are around the corner.
I love fall but here in Southern California
we don't get to appreciate the wonderful fall
colors that people associate with the season.
I was in San Luis Obispo last week and
had the pleasure of seeing my friends Jan and

This is a great place to get a fall fix.

They do a wonderful job of combining holiday items
with decorative accessories.  Everywhere you
turn there are special things for gifts or for
your home.  SCENTS AND FEEL is in that

category of something you want for yourself but
makes a wonderful gift.  Good display is an art and
Jan is an artist.

A special treat when you visit is to meet Maddy.
I love stores that have a four legged greeter.

A little hint, she loves treats.

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  1. Sally, I love Vern. So very nice! It was a sad day here in Orange County when they packed up their boys and moved to SLO. Great shop, one of my favorites. Lidy