Thursday, September 19, 2013


One of our favorite things to do when
Traveling in Europe is to visit the markets.
In Spain there are two really special ones.
In Valencia it is the Mercado Central.
It is considered one of the oldest European 
markets still running. Built between 1915 and 
1928 and has 8000 square  feet.
The modernist style building is impressive to
say the least.  Local legend has it that there has
Been a market on this site since about the 14th
You can get everything here that you might want
Plus things you never existed.
The La Boqueria market in Barcelona is not
As big but even more spectacular displays.
Since we had rented an apartment and the market
Was only 5 minutes away I went there every
morning to pick up something's for breakfast.
Check out the prices of this ham.
Not sure what these were but they were in the 
Seafood area.

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