Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I just got back from the New York Gift
Show, had a wonderful time both
for business and pleasure.  I thought
I would share some of my favorite
things on this trip.
First comes all the wonderful walking
neighborhoods of Manhattan.  This was
from the West Village, where I have
not spent much time in the past,
but plan to spend more time here
on future trips.

This is at the end of Fifth Avenue before
you hit Soho.  The area around it was
packed, everyone comes outside in
the summer.  There was a very festive
mood and I enjoyed sitting and watching
all the people.

Saturday the first day of the show only
one venue opens, Pier 94. 
SUGARBOO DESIGNS  looked great,
high lighting all of their new pillows.
BARREVELD has these very crusty
lanterns that stood out for me.  They
have so many great things it is hard
to pick one.

Always a pleasure to see the beautiful ladies
Tiffany and Wendy from LAYLA GRAYCE/

I finished my appointments and took
the only opportunity I would have
the rest of the trip to sneak away for a few
hours of New York fun.

I decided to walk along the Hudson River
down to TriBeca with a particular goal
in mind that you will see later.

The weather was gorgeous, hot and humid,
but not gloomy and rainy like it is in February.

Along the way I found this unexpected
little park next to a church, that
I could not resist exploring.

The view from the High Line.  I was
here in February but needed to see
it in the summer.

People everywhere on the High Line, with
so many great places to sit and gather.

The french bistro tables and chairs
from FERMOB still look amazing.

On this pretty quiet street in TriBeca
I got to see this beautiful site. 

I picked TriBeca this time to explore
because my favorite brand of shoes,
his first Boutique.  I thought it
would be fun to see all the shoes in person.

I wasn't disappointed, it was worth the
four mile walk.  The store is beautiful and
Linda who works there was a doll.  She
was fun and professional, everything
you want in the person who represents you
in your store.

And look at me, I left with a pair of sandals
that I love and would not have bought on line.

By than I was in dire need of some nourishment.
What better than a glass of Perceco
and a couple yummy crostini's.
There are so many little cafe's with
outdoor seating it is hard to know where to stop.
I made a good choice at CORSINO.

Sunday it was back to work at Jacob Javitz.
Loved the bright table of flowers as
you walked up to PINE CONE HILL.
The brightness was carried through in
the product as well.  The new indoor/outdoor
place mats with coordinating napkins is striking.

I have talked about these robes before,
they are so soft and comfy.
I really like the Candlewick white skirted
coverlet, paired with the Bohemian wool

This is Happy Yellow Stripe the
new indoor/outdoor rug.  Perfectly named.

SCENTS AND FEEL  added the beautiful
 Bouclette stripe last season.  Very beautiful
and lush, great for a throw, tablecloth
or wrap.  Now there are more choices.

The perfect holiday gift of four
 guest towels in cream and grey with
silver and gold lurex as accent.
The lurex is also on these foutas

with matching guest towels.
These won them second place in new
bath products at the show.  Well done!

If any of you are Top Chef fans you will
surely recognize this smiling face from
a few seasons ago.  Carla Hall, she stood
out as a very nice warm person and I am
here to tell you she really is.  I had
such a nice chat with her, very
down to earth and refreshing.

The shower curtain from POM POM AT HOME 
are so gorgeous and everyone
was impressed.  What a way
to dress up a bathroom.
I liked the linen napkin display, really
showed them off.

This was a definite favorite of mine.
New linen throw in Indigo.  It
looks just like a washed denim.
Love the look and the color.
After a good day at the show a little
refreshment.  Always a favorite.

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  1. love the photos had a wonderful time with you and Billy lets do it again thank you for all your help with your beautiful lines you are the best
    xo p