Thursday, August 16, 2012

PINE CONE HILL...accessories

When people think about
PINE CONE HILL the first thing
that comes to mind is bedding.
I want to show you that this
company has much more to offer.
They are all made from 100% or

a wool silk blend. This is soft
very light scarf that is easy to
wrap around without being
bulky. The size is amble so they
can also be wrap.
I immediately was drawn to this
grey bouquet.  Pattern is not usually
my thing but this was subtle and elegant.

Nice with a black dress or
a pair of jeans.
Black being a staple in every ones
closet these will fit right in.

Dots for a little less pattern.

Grey is also a very popular color
and some say the new black.  Nice
way to soften the look of an all
black outfit.


This is by no means is a new category
for PINE CONE HILL and a
natural when your selling bedding.
Who wants to get into a beautiful
bed of new sheets with
old grungy PJ's.
You only have to try on the
sleepy fleece bathrobe once to
be hooked.  Soft like what you
want in a robe.
Beautiful color selection with coordinate
with all the different pajama styles.

I know that no one wants to
think flannel right now with
the high temperatures were all
having.  But just wait a couple of months
and these will be perfect.

What a fun gift these duck motif pajamas
would make.  Lets have a slumber party.

There is also a grande size for the
man in the family, they like soft
as much as we do.

A bright colored throw is a nice
easy affordable way to dress up a
room.  A nice way to give it a
new fresh look.

Dots are also good looking for the home

also available in a receiving blanket size.

Some have a light silky look

And some are a little heavier very soft
cotton that wants to be cuddled.

I love how this has a very contemporary
look but could fit any kind of decor.

A nice rich paisley that would
look fabulous on a leather sofa,
I'm thinking library.

The candlewick collection is
fun fun fun.  1950's
chenille in chic colors puts
a smile on every ones face.

The Dunes offers an alternative to
all the brights but it does not lack in style.

I hope this let you think of
PINE CONE HILL beyond bedding.
Contact me if you have any questions
regarding any of the products shown.

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