Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was in Atlanta for the Gift Show and
have come home with lots of great things to
show you. I was delighted to see the new pillows that SUGARBOO DESIGNS  add to an already
great assortment.  These veered away from
their black on neutral theme and
Rebecca has added a little color.

Some of these you will recognize from
the Art Prints that have been in the line.
Stacking Animals is one of my favorites.

The applique hearts has been updated,
now with white hearts on a linen
background opposed to the reverse.
I really like the simplicity of these new
black and white ones.

There are also a few new Art Prints.
This is Mae Mae, named after the
family dog.

If you look very close you will see that
the entire background of this bright
cheerful flower has xo over and over.

I can see this in a mostly white contemporary
room, I think it would be stunning.

How charming would this be hung
in a child's room.  Something they
could take with them to college and

A couple of seasons ago Rebecca
put her talent on some paper goods
and it was a run away hit.  Now we
have more fun things to write on.
These are all pads 6.5" x 10".

We have had this fabulous wood garland
with the heart at the end for a while

Now we have it with a cross

I hope this has brought some smiles.
and happiness written all over it.

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