Thursday, July 12, 2012


While at the Dallas Gift Show I also
got to see a preview of some of
POM POM AT HOME new introductions.
There will be more to see in Atlanta
but I wanted to share these pictures.
The crispness of the white paired
with the slate is warm and inviting.

I know were are in summer and it is
100 degrees in most of the country,
but soon it will be fall and these
cable knit throws will be perfect.

The Sofia is now available
in this more neutral pallet that
makes it more contemporary.

New linen throws have a nice texture
but also a soft hand to them.  They
also have a matching euro.  Nice
accent pieces to add texture and
color to the bedding.

I thought this was a nice way to show
the crib duvets and hand towels.
Doesn't take up a lot of room but
shows them off well.

I will have more to show from the
Atlanta show. You are going to
love the new show curtains.

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