Monday, September 19, 2011


The main reason I went to Chicago was for the
Casual Furniture show where
FERMOBUSA was showing.

The best part of being here is seeing
all of the great product in some
colors I have not seen before.
For example the "Sixties Chair",
here it is shown in storm grey
and slate. 

and I had only seen it in the
Aubergine and gum

and the Savanna and Lichen

The Luxembourg low chair and low table
in steel grey is very striking and

Even though the Monceau had been
available for a while I had not
seen it in person.  This is a really super
looking chair.

It fits right in the middle of the bistro chair

and the Luxembourg chair

Great styling, price point and stack

The bistro longue in verbena and
the Tom Pouce low table in carrot.
This table could also be used
with the kids bistro chair that you
will see below.

I have to admit that I am not a blue fan but seeing
 the new Luxembourg rectangular
table had me think twice about this.  It looks
 great in this fjord blue.  It is
 also available in all 24 FERMOB colors.

I have shown the Luxembourg Kid
collection before but not the adorable
kids bistro chair.  This could be a great
and fun display piece.  Especially if
you don't have a lot of space.

Another nice addition to the line is
the Latitude chair made with
the Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF).
Completely tearproof material from
100% polyester coated PVC.
This chair has many two tone
color combinations available.

It folds flat and has a very clean look.

Another treat was to meet some
of the people from the home office in France.
Camille Lalitte, the export director and below
Isabelle Vidal, the Marketing Director for Fermob.
Two very knowledgeable and inspiriting ladies.

contact me if you have any questions
regarding FERMOBUSA


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