Thursday, December 17, 2009


With the start of 2010 I am starting a new adventure and challenge, with the writing of this blog.
I would like to achieve three things, be informative, be interesting and have fun
John and I just came home from a wonderful vacation to Chile and Argentina, so we had some fun.
Here we are in Patagoina trying to stay warm.

Now with the fun behind us it is time to go back to work.
With the start of the new year their is so many great things I will be able to share with you.
I will be off to the Atlanta Show on January 7, so with that will come lots of new
product and pictures to share.

Yesterday I had a call from POM POM AT HOME to tell me that Victoria Magazine is

doing a story in the Feb/March issue with pictures of the bedding.

Press like this is so good for everyone in volved.  So this is exciting for POM POM AT HOME
those that carry the line.


  1. Hi Sally.

    You did a fantastic job! Your blog looks beautiful. Much better than mine did when I started!


  2. Sally! It looks fabulous, I agree with Brooke.:) You will love blogging, and all the people you might meet through the blog, as well. Love your vacation photos, looks like a wonderful trip. xoxo Lidy

  3. Hi Sally-Congratulations! Glad to see you and John are doing well...Love for you to stop by my new office after the New Year...Kammy
    PS isn't it your anniversary? 6-7 Years? where has the time gone???