Sunday, December 20, 2009

VALENTINES DAY - Just around the corner

Yes I know we haven't finished with Christmas yet and I am talking about Valentines Day,
 but if you wait until you go to a show for some vendors it will be too late.
One that comes to mind is SUGARBOO DESIGNS
They have some items that would be
great for Valentines gifts but their lead times make

 it impossible to think last minute. Here are a few things you might want to consider:    


All of these items are $50.00 or less retail.

contact me for pricing.

Another line to consider for Valentines Day gifts
is SCENTS AND FEEL.  Their lead time is
within a couple days.
When we went on our vacation I took one of
the Fouta's to use as a blanket on the
airplane and to use as a wrap at night.

I really loved it, this was one of the nicest things
I packed. 

Another way to wear it:

There are many styles and colors available, they wash
like a dream and the more you wash them the
softer they get.  I use the solid white in my bathroom,
for bath towels and the small guest towel.
Check out whats available on the web site

or contact me and I will bring lots of samples

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