Sunday, December 1, 2013


My name is Sally Carrocino and I am a Geek.
I have entered a 12 step program and
step #1 is to share what I have learned.
It really escalated about 2 years ago
when I bought my iPad.
I was immediately attracted to it's size and
capacity to to eliminate so many other things
I was carrying around.  My most favorite
app is iBooks.  if you don't have it, go to your
app store on your iPad and download it.  it
is a free app by Apple. The drop down
menu on the top left corner gives you
two options. Books and PDF.
Portable Document Format (PDF)
is a file that you can send by email
and when you open it on your
iPad in iBooks it becomes a flip
book.  Everyone uses this format
it is universal.  All of the companies
I represent have their catalogs and
price list as a PDF.  So instead
of carrying around masses of catalogs
I have them all on this shelf on my
nice compact iPad. I can than
email to a customer, fast and efficient
The other option is Books and
this is just like a Kindle.  You buy and store
books and read them at your leisure.
A concept that everyone understands and
uses in some form.

One other feature I want to mention before
going further is a Screen Shot.  This
is taking a picture of anything on your screen,
no matter what app your looking at. 
A page on your iBooks, an email,
a web site...anything.
I use this dozens of times a day.
The picture goes to your photo file and from
there you can access it many different ways.
Since I love using my iBooks so much
I have become a huge fan of PDF's,
so I needed to have an app that could
turn anything into a PDF.  I found
Save2PDF after surfing
around the app store.  This has been
so useful and actually a lot of fun to use.
You upload pictures from your
picture file that you have taken,
saved from somewhere else or
did a screen shot of.  Your able to
rearrange them in any order you like.
I have made several catalogs this way
for lines that I represent that don't
have a catalog of their own.  This way I
can easily do a blast email to introduce
the line and include the catalog.

You have the option to preview, email
as well as save it.
I was at a trade show earlier in the
year and heard a couple of
people talking about a new app
they were excited about.  I didn't know
them but promptly interrupted and asked
to see it.  That was my introduction
to another big favorite, Penultimate.

This is how I created some of those
multi picture pages shown above.
You have a drop down menu of paper
types, lined, graph, plain etc.
You can either take a picture from this
app and it will appear on the page or
you can upload from your photos.
You can move the pictures around the page.
You can make them larger or smaller as well
as delete if you don't want it after all.
Another great feature is you can write
on the page. 

There are so many ways to use this app.
If your at a trade show and you want to
remember what you have seen and make
notes.  Or your putting together a presentation
for a client, this is a easy way
to organize things so they can
easily visualize what you have in mind.

When you have it the way you want it
you can email that page or save it
to your photos.
You can also save it on this app, which
is nice if you think you might want to
go back and change it at sometime.
I think I should stop here for now.
There will be a I AM A GEEK part 2.
If you have any questions don't
hesitate to email me.  It is all
about sharing the knowledge.  Plus
if you have a favorite app please tell
me about it.

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  1. Love it...thank you for sharing. I am going to try my hand at these!! Looking forward to geek part 2 :))