Thursday, December 20, 2012


We discovered the Le Marche region on our
last trip to Italy and immediately knew we
would come back. 

The region lies on the
eastern side of central Italy, between the
Adiatric Sea and high Apennine mountains
and much of it remains unspoilt by the ravages
of mass tourism.
Many compare it to Tuscany 20-30 years ago with it's lavender fields, sunflower fields and vineyards spread
across hills like a patchwork quilt on an unmade
 bed.  What makes it so appealing however
is that statistics show that Le Marche
had just 7 percent as many visits by foreigners
as Tuscany. 
Urbino was our first stop, a charming small
hilltop renaissance town that looks much
the same as it did in the 15th century.

Strolling around the town we looked
int this window and saw students learning
the craft of restoration of antiquities.



As much as I enjoy the art and culture
of this town I also enjoy their simple

Pesaro is an appealing seaside town
with good shops, fine beaches and great fish.
We only had a couple of hours
to spend but I was thrilled with what we
saw.  First thing was this beautiful
smiling lady with her pretty in
pink daughters who was about to get married.

Than across the Piazza we saw another
couple in wedding attire getting their
pictures taken.  September must be
a big month for weddings, we saw
five different wedding parties on this trip.

Lunch was perfect.

Le Marche is to be continued.

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  1. Loved the photos, specially the shutter and the washing line. Also very interesting tourist statistic - I didn't know that!