Sunday, October 21, 2012


The area of Emilia-Romagna that we were staying,
with Bologna being the capital has so
many great choices for a day trip.
Our first choice was Modena, a half
hour train ride. 

I had just read that the Duomo in Modena
was considered one of the top five Duomos
in Italy.  We fortunitely have been to the
other four so I was looking forward to seeing
this one.  It did not disappoint.

On the surface Umberto Panini's dairy
farm and organic Parmesan cheese factory
looks like any other in the northern province.

Walking into the warehouse where they
store the wheels of Parmesan was over whelming.
The fragrance was better than any perfume.

Hidden away in one of the farmhouses
is the most complete collections of
Maserati's in the world.

He also has vintage tractors

wonderful collection of bikes, both motor
and petal

This was a very impressive place to visit.
I loved the sculptures. This was a tree
with a sense of humor.

It had these brass plates hung on the
branches that were in all different

This dog was so still I had to make
sure he wasn't part of the ornamentation.

I couldn't agree more.
"Never forget the stupidity of humanity."

The following day we took the train to
Parma.  This is generally reckoned to
have one of the highest standards of
living in Italy.  It was a Sunday so
all of the stores were closed but
the streets were full of strolling families.
It is so clean you think your on
a movie set.

This area was struck very hard earlier
in the year by two earthquakes.  We could
see the evidence of repair going on.

This was the home to the painter Correggio
where one of his most famouse works,
Assumption is in the Piazza del Duomo.

It was a very hot day and John needed
a rest and also some nurishment.

Nothing like a pizza and a glass of wine
to fix that.  Now he's smiling.

After lunch we found a parade was going on.
Everyone was decked out in these great
medieval costumes.

We saw this sign and could tell it was
a museum, but had no idea what kind
and decided to explore.

This holds the largest collection of puppets
in the world.  We were awe stricken. 
It is a fasinating place.

They have regular puppet shows on Sunday
with guest puppeteer's.

The parade ended in this area where
they had all sorts of entertainment.
It was a very festive crowd.

We felt a little like this dog and were
ready to get back on the train.

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