Saturday, October 13, 2012


One of my favorites things to do when in
a new place is to go out early in the
morning and explore before the
place is filled with people.
I couldn't wait to do that in Bologna.

We stayed in an apartment in the city
center a short walk from the Piazza Maggiore.
There are enough monuments and curiosities
in this area for several days of leisured

This young couple took the opportunity
to get an uninterrupted picture of
themselves before the area was
swarming with people.

No other city in Italy has as many
porticoes or covered walkways as found
in Bologna.  In the city center there are
barely any stretch of pavement not topped
by an ornate, arched covering.  I was totally
taken by them.

In Italy visiting the food stalls are on the top
of our list.  Here they were surrounded by
small food shops.

We found this charming little trattoria to
have our favorite lunch.

Grilled Vegetables and pasta, and wine
of course.  Yes we are on vacation.

John and I are not meat eaters but
in Italy we will eat ham, and the
prosciutto in this region is the best.
Topped with some arugula and parmigiana
reggiano with a splash of some
of the best olive oil.  One word, Heaven.

I got a little obsessed with this
fabulous rusted fence.

Besides being known for their ham,
this region is second only to Sicily
for the amount of fish caught in its waters.
Trying new things is half of the
fun of traveling, we could not
resist ordering octopus ceviche.
It was incredible to say the least.

A little creative photography from our waitor.

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