Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When you live in a small house everything
has to have a double use.  Our living room
becomes our dining room where we roll
out a gate leg table.  We have four chairs but only
have room for one so we decided that
hanging them on the hallway wall would
be decorative as well as functional.
But we needed the perfect hook that would
compliment our chairs and decor.  The
hook we wanted was from Italian company

We brought these home with us from our
trip to Italy.  REXITE is a Italian company
founded in 1968.  Their aim from the
very beginning was to create contemporary
furniture and accessories with classic design.
Rino Pirovano who founded the company has
just launched his US ecommerce web site

The products are designed for home but also
have a high commercial application.  Very clean
high styled Italian design.  Their designs
have been awarded over sixty international prizes
throught out Europe and the United States.

Coat Racks

A very successful category is desk accessories
and Hannibal is a real winner, both in
design and function.  This is the perfect
tape dispenser

and the companion stapler
The company's philosopy is to aim to make products
that are simple without being trivial and fancy
without being bizarre.  I think they achieve on
both.  I also like the slight tough of humor.
That humor also is evident in the advertising
they have done.

We love our hooks.  Sometimes it is
the small things that make you happy.

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