Saturday, August 21, 2010


Some of the fun of representing the

  is they send me pictures of new creations

 all the time, not just twice a year.

I'm going to share the latest treasures.

Brass Instrument “Curves” Sculpture

I love the lines on this piece.  It was created

using a 18" long b7 2.75" wide vintage wood

foundry mold as the base and 7 of some of the

most interesting vintage brass musical instrument

elbows and bends to form an interesting sculpture.

9 Vintage Finial Wood Foundry Molds on Stands

This is a rare set of vintage foundry mold patterns,

mostly likely from the 40's and 50's.  Each is unique

and one of a kind in its shape and size.  The tallest

measures 17" and widest (looks like an acorn)

 measures 5" wide. Some were once two parts 

(halves) and combined to create the full form.

The stands are recycled nickle plated brass that

were once used as weights on vintage lab  equipment.

The rods joining each are brass.

Three Vintage Rotary Wheel Cutters on Stands

Three different vintage rotary type cutters are mounted

on recycled stell gases with the perfect amount

of rust.  The talles is 11.5" and bases are 3.5" wide.

Vintage Brass Fans on Foundry Mold Bases

The brass blades were taken from vintage fans and

mounted on foundry mold bases.  The brass colored one

is on a black foundry mold base and measures

about 20" tall.  The black one is brass pained black

and stands about 18" tall.  The blades both measure

about 12" across.

Vintage Round Brushes on Stands
Three different types of vintage round brushes

all mounted on 3.5" recycled steel disks that

they found in a container of vintage lab equipment.

The tallest is 9" tall.

Three Vintage Camera Faces

Sold as a set of three, these vintage camera

faces are mounted on vintage 4 x 5 camera film

sleeves.  The larger one is a Voigtlander camera

faxe and measures 8.5" by 6" and the other

two are Kodak measuring 5" x 7".

Since the bling has been such a popular item

The JUNKGIRLS have been very creative and

come of with another way to use the vintage flatware.

Tablecloth Weights

The handle ends will vary in length from

2" to 3" and sold in a set of four.  They will

be grouped according to size and set will have

four different patterns.

Another option for the Tablecloth weights are the

fork prungs.

Very fun hostess gift for the holiday season.

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