Wednesday, August 4, 2010


            SCENTS AND FEEL       

introduced so many new products and added some

new categories that I am going to do this in three blogs.

The guest towels are now being offered in the very

popular Positive/Negative thin stripe.

straw/white & white/straw,  agua/white & white/aqua,

New off white/navy & navy/ off white,

New kaki/alm green & alm green/kaki,

New eggplant/rose & rose eggplant

All of the colors in the Fouta 38 x 78 will be available in

the guest towel

The off white/grey, grey/off white

remains to be very popular,

as does the taupe/marron glace, marron glace/taupe

 the black/white & white/black in all styles will be

a big seller for fall, it is a nice contemporary look.

Another new addition to guest towels is the herringbone,

we had this in the large Fouta 38 x 78 last season but

all new selection of colors for fall.  This is a very luxurious,

soft weave a little on the formal side.

Off White



Dark Gray

The large size makes a great throw or wrap,  I plan

to take one of these with me when traveling, as a

blanket on the plaine and a nice wrap at night.

Another large fouta that has gone through a complete

color change is the Tweed solid 38 x 78 and the

Tweed Bicolor with stripe.  The color combinations they

choose are so yummy and again the weave makes for

a very soft product.



dark teal/beige

They have done a very special collection that is

being offered as a set, with one large fouta and

matching guest towel.  Each color has a thin thread of

silver lurex that gives it a festive look and would make

a wonderful gift.  It is also tied with a pretty ribbon.

The white has a little cream stripe at the bottom

with the thin thread of silver


pearl grey and the new dusty rose

tender blue

almond green and straw

I think you will agree that they did a great job

with all of these new products and I have many

other items to show you in future blogs.

Some beautiful king size bed covers, linen table cloth,

fabulous new silk and wool scarves.

Please contact me for prices and additonal information.

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