Friday, April 16, 2010



is in an area of Los Angeles called

Atwater Village, nestled between Griffith Park

and the Hollywood Hills, a charming neighborhood

of ethnic cafes and kitschy shops.

these unique address numbers greet you as you

enter the garden portion of the store

POT-TED  is dedicated to transform your

outdoor space into a personal Eden

whether to redo the yard or

spruce up the garden

they use a mix of vintage and new

and pots in all sizes and shapes

for all areas in the yard

the indoors portion of the store is an abundance

of color with more pots and garden furniture

the bright colors of the FERMOBUSA bistro chairs

and tables fit right in, the classic style has a

contemporary look in this space

I love the creative use of space by hanging

the chairs from the beams

usually considered dead space, but not here

hints of retro

and you can't forget the dining area of the garden

and they don't lack for accessories for the table

carrying through with the bright colors of spring

sometimes I sit and think
and sometimes I just sit
                           Satcel Paige

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