Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going Green in Style

has introduced a beautiful collection of

organic products for the bed

LOUWIE is a very tailored unfussy almost

contemporary design with just a little flange for

accent.  It is available in two colors,

an undyed natural linen called flax and white. 

Here it is combined with a ruffled duvet (which

is not organic) but creates an entirely different look.

LUKA is a great look combining both the

flax and white in one collection.  There is a nice

zigzag stitch that ties the two colors together.

One of the beauties of these two

collections is they mix well together

the Peace and Love shams add a fun

touch to the bed as well as a great gift

sheets and bedskirts are also available

in organic in both flax and white as well as curtains

smocked and tie top

also has a complete organic crib collection

in both white and flax

duvets with a lovely center embrodiery

fitted sheets, bumpers, crib skirts and

small pillows complete the look.

To complete the room you can add an organic

seat cover to enhance the look

another way of going green in style

 the home of the signature fouta towel, which

combines tradition and contemporary lifestyle

with an exotic and colorful mix of 100% natural

hand-woven textures, patterns and styles.

you can start with the very classic white with brown

stripe to use as a wonderful bath towel,  I own

these in the solid white and I love them. 

I have always loved big bath sheets, but they

are so heavy and take so long to dry.

With these you have the large size 38 x 78

and they dry fast because they are light weight

and become softer every time you wash them.

the neutrals have been a very popular palet

with the addition of small stripes, bigs stripes,

multiple stripes, that all work well together.

and if color is your friend you are in luck

this green happens to be my favorite

and since they are so versatile they have been

labeled "multitalented"

I use one on my sofa for my dog

it looks pretty and easy to care for, 

love the pastels for a nursery as a

 baby blanket or to wrap the baby after a bath

great for the beach or around the pool

so as you can see going green does not
have to be boring.
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.
                                     Native American Proverb

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  1. What a great post! Thank you always keeping Pom Pom at Home in mind. We're very excited about our Organic Line.