Monday, January 27, 2014


SCENTS AND FEEL at the Atlanta show
made you forget what the weather was like outside. 
 Their new nautical/beach poolside collection
 transported  you forward to spring and summer.
The Nautical Collection has a fouta towel
 hand loomed in a rich fluffy honeycomb weave
with a nautical embroidery to use as 
your beach towel.
Also available is the canvas fouta to be used as
a summer tablecloth, picnic blanket and pair
it with a matching tote.  Everything you need
for the beach, pool or boat.

The Bayadere Canvas multi stripe collection
is another great summer choice with 
beautiful eye popping color choices.

No matter what your design taste are
 you are certain to find 
the right fouta for your bath.
This newly designed asymmetrical stripe
is rich and intricately designed.

The Weavy is in a soft honeycomb weave, with
thin weavy stripes gives this collection a little
more casual look.

The Fouta Positive /Negative thin stripe
is a classic favorite for SCENTS AND FEEL.
Last season it had been revised and modernized
to keep it fresh and unique.  There are 34
color combinations to choose from.
Polka dots never go out of style.

To use by themselves or to coordinate with
any of the styles above there are 30 solid
colors to mix and match.

All of the styles I have shown are also
available in a guest towel.  This was
voted by the media as "the perfect
hostess gift."  They have the
optimum absorbency that allows them
to be used all over your home.

There are so many uses for the Foutas from
SCENTS AND FEELOnce you start
using them you find what a versatile item
they are.  I never travel without one.  Great
as blanket on the airplane and a wrap
at night.  Always keep in your car for
the spur of the moment picnic.
My little Zoe would not think of having
a bath without her fouta.

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