Saturday, August 17, 2013


After working with VAGABOND VINTAGE
for  nine months I have developed some
favorite items.  I have picked out a few
of the many things to like about the collection.
The cotton red and beige striped napkins
and runner are back.  From the
positive reaction I have gotten I
know these are a favorite with many
of my customers.
If you want to step out of the box
a bite I think mixing these new runners
with the hand blocked printed cotton
napkins would be fun.
The glass spice jars are a staple for every
kitchen.  Great for the spice cabinet but
attractive enough to put on the table.
What are you, optimist or pessimist?
My glass is always half full. 
The wire door mat. Sometimes
 simplest thing can be the
best find.
These Moroccan Black and Natural runners
from Coir are now available in Navy
and Natural.
You can never have enough little
cotton rugs.  They go in every room.

Love these two chairs.  They are petite
in size, which makes them perfect
for small areas.  They are faux leather
but are really well done. 
I think this aluminum side table in Antique
brass is stunning.  It could fit well in
many decors, very transitional.
Iron chandeliers in gold finish with
hand carved whitewashed Mango wood
I could do an entire blog on
VAGABOND VINTAGE mirrors.  I have
picked a few of my favorites.

A store is going to buy this short
recycled pine bench for display
but you better get two because
it is going to sell right away.
There are so many places for this piece.
Another great piece for display.  It is
always hard to find a place for the
small things without them getting
The most beautiful gloss black
finish cabinets I have ever seen.
They all having locking doors as well.

Another simple but very useful item.
Especially having the wheels.

Antique brass key chains

Another great category, chalkboards,
just a few of the many to choose from.

Here are some new scarfs that are
on my wish list.  Love how soft they
are and not bulky.  I think the blue
and grey is a must for me.
Maybe the one on the far right as
well.  Talked me into it.
Contact me if you would like
more information on this line.

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